Monthly Archives: December 2016

Top Neck and Shoulder Stretches: Chest Stretch

December 8th, 2016 (No Comments)

You may be asking, “What does a chest stretch have to do with the neck and shoulders?”  The chest muscles are often neglected when it comes to stretching to maintain proper head and shoulder posture.  As people work with their hands in front of them, such as, when working on a computer, sewing, reading, etc., they […]

Top Neck and Shoulder Stretches: Trapezius Stretch

December 1st, 2016 (No Comments)

Here are the top neck and shoulder stretches everyone should be doing.  Neck pain can have many different causes and almost all of them included muscle tightness and muscle guarding.  Breaking up the tension in you neck and shoulders is one of the key elements to recovery.  It is important that when performing stretches in the […]

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