Getting Older and Back Injuries

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Lower Back Pain

As we get older our body’s mechanisms to repair tissues decreases in its ability to heal.  This is why younger people who have back sprain/strain injuries can sometimes heal fairly quickly with little or no treatment, while people over 35 begin to take longer to recover from these same types of injuries. A recent article in ChiroNexus on Why Aging Aggravates Spinal Injuries, helps explain some of the science behind this phenomenon.  As chiropractic and physical therapy providers our job is to help encourage the body’s ability to heal itself and speed up the recovery process.  As we get older it is important not to ignore or try to “work through” these types of injuries, because there is a strong likelihood they will only get worse.  If you are struggling or know someone struggling with a back injury, have them contact us at 480-633-8293.

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