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Treatment For A Bulging Disc


In this post, you’ll learn about the definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a bulging disc. But to thoroughly understand a bulging disc, it is important to learn some basic anatomy and physiology of the spine – specifically the disc which is the area affected by the condition. Your spine is made up [...]

Treatment For A Bulging Disc2020-03-18T12:30:55-07:00

AN EDUCATION IN EXERCISE-Get The Most Out Of Your Workout


Lesson 1 Before starting an exercise program, you and your health professional need to understand what your immediate goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Increase strength? Train for a particular sport? Do you have any swelling? Pain? Weakness? Are your joints stiff? Once you know what you want to accomplish, it’s a lot easier [...]

AN EDUCATION IN EXERCISE-Get The Most Out Of Your Workout2017-09-21T09:26:00-07:00

Health and Fitness Myths


Growing up we were all exposed to health and fitness myths that stuck with us.  Unfortunately, some of these myths resulted in poor health and fitness habits, that inhibit results.  Check out these common health and fitness myths that may be impacting you! THE LONGER YOU EXERCISE,THE BETTER YOUR RESULTS Many people think that the [...]

Health and Fitness Myths2017-08-25T09:15:10-07:00



Have you thought about the important role your feet play in your daily life? On face value, your feet touch the ground whenever you’re standing, walking or running, and they are extensions of the legs, which help move you. But your feet are much more than that. After all, they are the foundation of your [...]

WHY ARE THE FEET SO IMPORTANT?2016-10-07T17:04:49-07:00

Sleep Soundly


How to sleep soundly Getting a good nights sleep is the best way for the body to recover after a busy day.  So, how do you sleep soundly? 1) Your Mattress Most people buy a new mattress when their old one “wears out,” meaning that it’s tattered, torn, excessively stained and/or otherwise unappealing to sleep [...]

Sleep Soundly2016-09-30T08:05:49-07:00



Great Exercise Tips! 1. HAVE A PLAN Consistent exercise requires focus, and focus requires a plan. Outline your workouts by day, week and month so when you hit the gym, you know what to do. 2. DON’T OVERDO IT In the real world, you’re not competing on “The Biggest Loser.” Work out for five hours a day [...]

8 GREAT EXERCISE TIPS2016-09-22T20:38:32-07:00



As we age, many of us find that our walking speed gets slower. Most of us assume that it’s inevitable. It’s not. Researchers compared natural walking speed and life expectancy and came to some startling conclusion. They combined the results of nine different studies and followed 34,000 participants for up to 21 years. Each participant [...]


Treatment For A Herniated Disc


Pain in the spine is the most common symptom of a herniated disc. But is herniated disc just limited to this?  Are there more facts you need to learn about herniated disc? The information below will clarify many of your questions about a herniated disc and give you the most effective management of [...]

Treatment For A Herniated Disc2020-03-18T12:31:37-07:00

Treatment For A Pinched Nerve


Pain can result from a condition called a pinched nerve, a layman’s term for nerve compression. If you experience pain, don’t just ignore this symptom. Oftentimes, pain is a warning signal that there is something wrong. When you have a pinched nerve, signals are sent to the brain through your spinal cord which [...]

Treatment For A Pinched Nerve2020-03-18T13:06:27-07:00

Achieving Maximum Results By Perry Nickelson, DC


Achieving maximum results with your workouts, requires preparation, discipline, and consistency.  Here are 5 key step to optimizing your results. 1) Dynamic Warm-Ups How can you possibly expect to get maximum results if you don’t establish a base foundation and get your body ready to perform? The purpose of a dynamic warm-up is to prepare [...]

Achieving Maximum Results By Perry Nickelson, DC2017-07-28T11:43:17-07:00
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