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Back Extension Exercise : Low Back Pain Series


Back Extension Exercise: The Back Extension Exercise is great exercise to help with low back pain. It is important to note that this is not recommended for all back pain conditions. Consult with a medical professional first if you have a concern before starting this exercise. The Back Extension Exercise can be performed on a [...]

Back Extension Exercise : Low Back Pain Series2020-08-21T17:42:22-07:00

Side Step Exercise : Ankle Pain Series


Side Step Exercise: The Side Step Exercise works the hip, quads and calf muscles. This exercise helps with ankle pain by helping strengthen the hips and legs and improving lateral ankle stability. This exercise can be performed at home on a stable flat surface. In a slight squat position, side step in one direction. Once [...]

Side Step Exercise : Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:43:47-07:00

Towel Scrunches : Ankle Pain Series


Towel Scrunches: Towel Scrunches are a great exercise the works the toes and bottom of your foot. People that have Plantar Fasciitis, can benefit from this exercise in their injury recovery and prevention. The exercise can be performed from a seated position, on a smooth floor surface. Place the towel flat on the floor and [...]

Towel Scrunches : Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:44:22-07:00

Ankle Alphabet Exercise: Ankle Pain Series


Ankle Alphabet Exercise: The Ankle Alphabet Exercise is a great exercise for ankle injury recovery. It helps improve mobility and stability of the ankle.Performing the Ankle Alphabet Exercise can be easily done at home. From a seated position lift one leg so that the foot is off the floor and write the alphabet in the [...]

Ankle Alphabet Exercise: Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:45:22-07:00

Single Leg Balancing : Ankle Pain Series


Single Leg Balancing: Single leg balancing is a great exercise that you can do at home that not only helps improve ankle strength, but improves balance which can help protect the ankle. After strain/sprain injuries, balance can be effected. This exercise is easy to set-up in the home. Simply find a flat surface next to [...]

Single Leg Balancing : Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:45:50-07:00

Calf Raises: Ankle Pain Series


Calf Raises: Calf Raises are a great exercise to increase ankle stability and strength. It is also an easy exercise to do from home. First you need to find a chair or counter top to balance. You can wear either athletic foot wear or perform without shoes. Simply raise your heel off the floor [...]

Calf Raises: Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:50:25-07:00

4-Way Ankle Exercises: Ankle Pain Series


4-Way Ankle Exercises: 4-Way Ankle Exercises are great exercises that will increase ankle strength and stability. It is often used in ankle sprain recovery, but it is important to consult with a medical professional before beginning this type of exercise. The 4-Way Ankle Exercise is performed with resistance bands, like Theraband, that can vary in [...]

4-Way Ankle Exercises: Ankle Pain Series2020-08-21T17:47:16-07:00

Best Stretches for Working at Home


Many people are working from home and experiencing an increase in neck and back pain discomfort. The transition from working 8 hour workdays in a properly set up work office environment, to a home workspace that wasn't originally set up to support a good posture.  It is important that you set up your computer workstation [...]

Best Stretches for Working at Home2020-05-11T07:54:19-07:00

How to set up your computer home office


With people working from home with the "Stay at Home" order, we are hearing more about pain and discomfort to the neck and back.  This is often related to the static computer postures in the home.  Dr. Raz goes over the basics of how you can setup your computer workstation at home. Click this link [...]

How to set up your computer home office2020-05-01T15:06:24-07:00
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