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Low Impact Exercises for a Healthy Life


It seems like almost everyday we are told to exercise more, fad workouts gain popularity, some even promise you never have to exercise again if you follow a specific tip. But the truth is that exercise can greatly extend your quality of life, length of life, as well as hosting numerous benefits such as decreased [...]

Low Impact Exercises for a Healthy Life2019-09-26T08:21:21-07:00

The Benefits of Dry Needling


Dry needling is now offered at The Center for Total Back Care. With Dr. Jolley’s recent certification in Dry Needling, The Center for Total Back Care is pleased to offer this additional treatment with our other treatments to further help treat and decrease neck and back pain.  What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is a special [...]

The Benefits of Dry Needling2019-09-26T18:38:54-07:00

Why Resting Isn’t Always the Answer for Back Pain


Often times when tweaking your back, or feeling discomfort you may often think ice, and laying down for awhile is what is best. However, while resting for a short period may help, long periods of rest can cause increased weakness in your back, causing further weakness, and pain in your back. According to a special [...]

Why Resting Isn’t Always the Answer for Back Pain2019-04-10T14:20:44-07:00
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