Osteoporosis and Yoga

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Yoga can be a great back pain management program for many people. There are some conditions that should be cautious when approaching yoga

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People diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia should probably avoid certain yoga poses. Osteoporosis is characterized with a person with low bone density. Performing Yoga poses that require extreme flexion or extension can result in stress fractures in the spine.

Good exercises for people diagnosed with osteoporosis would be low impact strength based training. Avoid high impact exercises and ones that push extreme ranges of motion. Consult with a medical provider before starting any exercise program.

Top Neck and Shoulder Stretches: Chin Tuck

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Who doesn’t use a computer related product today?  Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone, it is inevitable that you will have a forward head posture when using these products.  Forward head posture contributes to most neck and shoulder pain because it positions your head in front of the shoulders.  The Chin Tuck stretch is a great way to help address this forward head posture.  When performing this stretch you should feel the stretch at the base of the back of the head to the spine in between the shoulder blades.   It is important that when performing stretches in the neck that the individual does not have pain or numbness, but a mild stretching sensation in the muscles of the targeted area.  Please consult with a doctor if you have any questions about this exercise.

Chin Tuck

chin tuck– First sit or stand straight and tall

– Then, imagine that you are lying flat on your back with a pillow at the base of the neck

– Keeping your gaze straight forward, press back imagining you are pressing your neck into the pillow.

– Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, then relax

– Repeat 3 times


When should you perform the chin tuck?

Every hour that you use a computer, tablet, cell phone, or reading a book, you should take a break and perform this exercise.

When should I avoid performing the chin tuck?

If you experience an increase in localized pain during and prolongs after stretch, numbness, dizziness, or radiating pain during stretch, discontinue stretch and consult a doctor.


Moving? Follow these tips to protect your back

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Are you moving?  Follow these tips to protect your back!


Back injuries are the most common injuries people experience when moving.  Proper preparation can make your moving experience a happy and safe one.

Moving? Follow these tips to protect your back:

  1. Wear proper footwear – Wear shoes that are not open toed and provide good grip on various surfaces
  2. Wear gloves – Proper gloves can improve grip and protect your hands when lifting objects
  3. Proper packing – Do not overload, everyone is different but load to a weight that you can handle for multiple repetitions.
  4. Use assistive devices – Use a dolly or hand truck to move heavier objects.
  5. Recruit help – Enlist friends and family when possible to help reduce the lifting load you are taking on.
  6. Keep it close – Avoid reaching and twisting, this is a sure fire way to hurt your back
  7. Use the legs – Warm the legs up by going into full squats to stretch out your hips and low back. Keep your back flat when you lift.
  8. Go Light-Heavy-Light– Warming your muscles up is one of the most important things you can do to protect your back. Start by lifting and moving a few light items first and then, while you are still fresh, move the heavy items. Finish your move by bringing in the rest of the light items.
  9. Stretch – Taking time to stretch at the end of your move will help loosen the tightening muscles and help reduce discomfort the next day. Check out these stretches.
    1. Hamstring Stretch
    2. Piriformis Stretch
    3. Prayer Stretch
    4. Prone Press-up




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