Treatment For A Bulging Disc


In this post, you’ll learn about the definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of a bulging disc. But to thoroughly understand a bulging disc, it is important to learn some basic anatomy and physiology of the spine – specifically the disc which is the area affected by the condition. Your spine is made up [...]

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What is Cupping?


Everyone watching the Olympics saw the large purple dots all over Michael Phelps and it started the buzz, what is cupping?  The interesting thing is that cupping is nothing new and is actually one of the oldest treatment modalities and has been used for almost 3,000 years! Like many therapeutic modalities its primary function is [...]

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Treatment For A Herniated Disc


Pain in the spine is the most common symptom of a herniated disc. But is herniated disc just limited to this?  Are there more facts you need to learn about herniated disc? The information below will clarify many of your questions about a herniated disc and give you the most effective management of [...]

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Treatment For A Pinched Nerve


Pain can result from a condition called a pinched nerve, a layman’s term for nerve compression. If you experience pain, don’t just ignore this symptom. Oftentimes, pain is a warning signal that there is something wrong. When you have a pinched nerve, signals are sent to the brain through your spinal cord which [...]

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