Diet can reduce back pain


As they say, "You are what you eat!"  What we eat can help us meet many health and fitness goals.  So you might think your diet can reduce back pain,and you would be right.  Check out these diet tips to help reduce back pain. Stay hydrated - The discs in your spine are primarily made [...]

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Medical Treatment versus Back Pain


Medical treatment versus Back Pain, Who wins that battle? Physicians have been trying to find a quick, effective way to treat back pain.  This has included oral medications, shots, and even surgery.  While some of these have provided short term relief, most have not been effective for long term relief. Though Americans spend an estimated $80 [...]

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4 tips to prevent Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer's can start manifesting itself as early as your 30's. So following certain lifestyle choices can be instrumental in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's. Here are 4 key lifestyle tips: EXERCISE REGULARLY, AT A HIGH INTENSITY - Exercise can protect against Alzheimer's because it not only increases blood flow to the brain, but it loosens [...]

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Staying fit as you get older


Maintaining quality of life as we get older requires a stronger commitment to diet and exercise.  Planning and knowing your limitations are important but staying fit as you get older has this key element to success. Older adults are more likely to stick with a group exercise program if they can do it with people [...]

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Are you ready to put on the swimsuit?


One of the great motivators for people to workout is the fact that it’s summer and we may have to put the swimsuit on.   I personally have 10 different pairs that I have collected over the years.  Each year it seemed that I had to get one just a little  bit bigger.  I didn’t get [...]

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Dehydration and Muscle Pain


Can dehydration contribute to muscle pain? The heat is on and one of the biggest challenges living in Arizona is staying hydrated during the summer heat.  Water is the liquid of life, 65% of our body is made up of it.  When the temperature gets above 100, our body’s can lose up to 1.5 quarts [...]

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Children as fit as endurance athletes


Children not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise -- even faster than well-trained adult endurance athletes. This is the finding of new research published in open-access journal Frontiers in Physiology, which compared the energy output and post-exercise recovery rates of young boys, untrained adults and endurance athletes. The research could help [...]

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How to Reduce Dementia in Women


Women with high physical fitness at middle age were nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia decades later, compared to women who were moderately fit, according to a study published the March 14, 2018, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study measured the women's cardiovascular fitness based [...]

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10 Ways to Control Chronic Back Pain


            Tips to help you deal with your chronic back pain Chronic back pain can be one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with.  It affects every posture (laying, seated, standing) and every movement (especially walking and lifting).  Chronic back pain can wear you down and make you irritable and [...]

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Reduce back pain with better sleep


Our sleep position can either help or make our back pain worse.  Considering the fact that we spend about a third of our day sleeping, improving our sleep position can dramatically reduce back pain with better sleep.  Check out these tips to a better nights sleep: Get rid of the old mattress - If you have [...]

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