Treatment For Injuries From Car Accidents Mesa Arizona


Treatment For Injuries From Car Accidents Mesa, Arizona

A car accident can have various negative effects on your spine. These injuries can bring about pain which can take you away from you normal lifestyle for weeks and even months. Without proper attention, your car accident injuries can completely debilitate you. This is the reason why it is crucial that you start considering different kinds of treatment for injuries from car accidents in Mesa, Arizona.

About Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is a suburban city of Arizona, Phoenix which is located in Maricopa County. It is ranked as the third largest city in Arizona. Over the years, the city made a lot of metropolitan improvements which include amenities like parks, sports facilities and golf courses. Despite being urbanized, it still was able to maintain its suburban environment as evidenced by the existence of not only modern house designs but also suburban custom homes. More than the improvements, Mesa remains highly cultural celebrating special events and festivals that tourists can attend.

VAX-D Spinal Decompression For Car Accident Injury

At the Center for Total Back Care, we provide safe and reliable services that can help you manage the pain you are dealing with after your unfortunate car accident. Of all programs we offer, VAX-D is the most popular because of its success rate.

What is VAX-D?

VAX-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression. This is a Food and Drug Association approved rehabilitation program for people suffering from herniated discs and bulging discs after a car accident. This program has shown 70% success rate to people who regularly undergo it.

What happens during VAX-D?

In a VAX-D Spinal Decompression procedure, the patient is made to lie face down on a computer-controller table with hands holding patient-controlled handgrips. A pelvic wrap is attached to stabilize the patient. The health professional splits the table into two through the computer in order to decompress the spinal discs and relieve the pain suffered by the patient. The decompression allows blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow to the injured area of the spine thereby promoting healing. If the patient can no longer bear the stretch, he can easily let go of the grip.

Will I be completely safe during the session?

As this procedure is highly monitored, the patient remains safe during the 45 minute program.

If you are tired of struggling with the discomforts you are feeling after your car accident, don’t give up. At the Center for Total Back Care, we can provide you a safe and effective rehabilitation program that can help you manage your pain. Whether your complaint is a chronic back pain, chronic neck pain or recurring headaches, we can provide you the best services. Simply book a free appointment for us to give you a thorough assessment which will form basis as to choosing the program that can work for you best. Call us at 480-633-8293 now!

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