The Benefits of Taking Your Physical Therapy Routine Outside in the Arizona Desert Climate 

Numerous studies show that exercising under the open sky can have fantastic effects on your overall well-being. Though supported by real-life examples, this kind of study showcases a possible drawback – you can’t take your exercise routine outside if it rains all the time. 

To be effective, physical therapy must be consistent, especially when given exercises to do at home. Generally these are done inside, luckily you live in sunny Arizona.

The Arizona desert climate is ideal for taking your physical therapy routine outside. Except for those hot summer days, Arizonans get to enjoy mild weather all year long – often with no rain for months. Here’s how your physical health can benefit from these perfect conditions.

Why Change of Scenery Is Good

People often tell you to take a vacation when you feel under the weather. Why is that? What is so special about a change of scenery that has the potential to heal and restore our mental health? Research from 2020 seems to have a good answer for this common truth.

“People feel happier when they have more variety in their daily routines,” explains Catherine Hartley from NYU’s Department of Psychology. Diversity and new experiences make us feel better, and that’s a scientific fact. A break from the routine is like medicine for the soul.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body 

It’s a widely known fact that physical health contributes to happiness and fulfillment. People have known that for centuries. But it wasn’t until recently that we started realizing that well-being goes the other way around, too – you can’t have a healthy body if your mind is ill.

That’s one of the reasons why physical therapists recommend an occasional change of scenery. Now that we know that variety triggers positive emotions, we can use that to accelerate the healing process within physical therapy. Going out pleases the mind, which heals the body. 

Nature Is the Mightiest Healer 

Nature is another good reason to go out in the open for morning exercise. In an urban setting, outside means many different things. Sure, you can take a walk through the city bustle. However, if you’re looking for a more restorative experience, it’s better to find a quiet spot in nature.

Nature has a revitalizing effect that is holistic and long-lasting. It quiets the mind, keeps everyday stress at bay, and improves mental resilience. Fresh air lowers your heart rate and increases your energy levels, making it easier to move your body. Nature is a mighty healer. 

The Gentle Climate of Mesa, AZ

A number of studies have found a connection between breathing fresh air and having a stronger body. In all of them, patients reported a higher level of enjoyment and satisfaction when physical therapy sessions were held outside. 

The only scenario where outdoor physical therapy was less effective than indoor sessions was when patients had to take long breaks from exercising due to poor weather. When it comes to this, having the gentle climate of Mesa, Arizona, in your backyard is a true blessing. 

Where to Find a Perfect Spot 

Of course, Mesa is much larger than your backyard. In addition to having an enjoyable climate, it’s also a perfect place for physical therapy. Whether you’re local or here for therapy, you’ll have no problem finding many picturesque and relaxing spots for outdoor sessions.  

Arizona has always stayed in touch with nature. While you can find parks and green recreation areas all around, there’s a particular spot in the desert where you can unwind, go for a run, and do your physical therapy over the weekends – the Usery Mountain Regional Park. 


In physical therapy, your body learns through repetition. After some time, sessions might become boring and mundane. Taking it outside is not only great for your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy levels – it’s also a fantastic way to boost your motivation when it gets hard.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you exercise in your backyard or the desert. The body heals the fastest when your mind is content, which can be anywhere you feel relaxed and comfortable. The benefits of outdoor physical therapy double when you’re happy.