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Diagnosis With Precision
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
Using the latest technologies and methods, The Center for Total Back Care located at 2220 S. Country Club, Suite 102, Mesa, AZ 85210, can evaluate your symptoms and pain and then provide a customized treatment and rehabilitation program that includes physical therapy and chiropractic services.
General Treatment
Evaluation and treatment of the full range back and neck problems
The Center for Total Back Care offers a variety of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment options, all suited for improving your health and getting you back to what matters most.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
Our physical therapy and chiropractic treatment at The Center for Total Back Care is cutting edge, this is for not only getting rid of patients pain but to prevent pain in the future. This allows us to get our patients back to a pain-free lifestyle in no time. 
Personal Injury Cases
Get customized care for personal injury
Were you in an accident that caused neck or back pain?  If so, come to The Center for Total Back Care. We specialize in physical therapy and chiropractic treatment of these injuries and will get you back to your feet in no time. 

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B. Jeffrey Jolley, D.C., D.A.C.N.B Dr. Jolley serves as the Clinic Director at The Center For Total Back Care and is also responsible for the development and implementation of our prevention programs. He brings over 20 years of chiropractic experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal disorders.







Michael L. Mckown, P.T. Mr. McKown serves as the Director of Physical Therapy for The Center For Total Back Care. Mr McKown has over 15 years of experience as a Physical Therapist  He is also responsible for overseeing our golf specific fitness and extremity rehabilitation programs. 

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Rehab BayThe Center for Total Back Care provides chiropractic and physical therapy services to Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler.  Our staff is highly trained and skilled in treating many conditions, but we specialize in the treatment of neck and back pain which affects over 80% of the population.  If you have tried other treatments and have not had success, then come by and see us.  Call us at 480-633-8293 today!


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What is MedX?
MedX is a testing and rehabilitation machine for strengthening the back and neck
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What is VAX-D?
VAX-D  is a non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic spinal pain.
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Which insurances are accepted?
We accept a large number of insurances
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  Why choose our clinic? → 
The Center For Total Back Care serves the needs of our patients and the community by offering comprehensive non-surgical treatment of spinal pain, with a focus on chronic and difficult cases.

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Our Doctors and Therapists have a broad range of backgrounds, and formal education that helps us bring a distinctive approach to getting you back to a pain free life

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Here at The Center for Total Back Care we offer a vast variety of treatment options to suit your individual needs


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