Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few of our common questions

If I’ve had back or neck surgery can MedX help me?

If I have a bulging or herniated disc can the MedX help me?

Why don’t more clinics have these machines?

When I’m done with treatment will I have better motion in my back and neck?

If someone is in pain are they still able to have a test on MedX?

If you can compare my strength to someone my own age and weight, how does that help you know this is going to benefit me?

What makes MedX so much more effective compared to the usual ball exercises?

How does MedX work?

Why can’t I just exercise at home or the gym?

How long does it take for the total rehabilitation program?

When can I start exercises?

How long before I see progress?

How long does physical therapy take?

I’ve tried physical therapy before and it didn’t work for me. Why is this going to be any different?

How does muscle weakness in my back cause pain?

What can I expect?