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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve had back or neck surgery can MedX help me?2019-06-05T23:46:14-07:00

Rehabilitation after back or neck surgery is of utmost importance. Many of the people who have had surgery went through a long period of inactivity and pain before their procedure. They then undergo surgical procedures which can damage soft tissue leading to further deconditioning. Scientific evidence shows that many of the injured muscles will not recover on their own even with normal activities. The MedX is a very safe and effective way to gently start the rehabilitation process and gradually build the injured area back to normal strength levels.

If I have a bulging or herniated disc can the MedX help me?2019-06-05T23:45:48-07:00

The MedX equipment is specifically designed to isolate low back or neck movement thus helping the patient move in a safe manner and restoring normal movement to the spine which also increases nutrition to the discs. Even if a disc has a bulge or herniation it still responds to movement, which is limited initially and correct movement is essential to restoring disc health.

Why don’t more clinics have these machines?2019-06-05T23:45:11-07:00

There are a number of factors for this. These machines while being extremely effective for strengthening the spine are extremely expensive and insurance reimbursement is the same whether you exercise on a MedX machine, a ball or the floor.  Because of the restraint system you need someone who is highly trained to administer the test and rehabilitation. Finally these take up considerable room and a lot of clinics don’t have the space.  Another factor is research education. Many clinicians think they can do as much on a ball as you can on the MedX but this is just not the case and research proves it.

When I’m done with treatment will I have better motion in my back and neck?2019-06-05T23:44:43-07:00

Yes. Improving spinal strength decreases muscle spasms and improves mobility.

If someone is in pain are they still able to have a test on MedX?2019-06-05T23:44:14-07:00

Yes and no. Someone who is seeing us for chronic neck pain or chronic low back pain would probably be tested on the first visit unless they were in severe pain or there is significant pain with movement. We test through a pain free range of motion and can limit the motion in the cervical spine from 0° to 126° and in the lumbar spine from 0° to 72°. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or work injury or other injury for that matter we would need to defer the testing until 30 days have elapsed since the injury to allow the tissues to heal.

If you can compare my strength to someone my own age and weight, how does that help you know this is going to benefit me?2019-06-05T23:43:53-07:00

This allows us to be more effective in predicting outcomes. A 21 year old male is much more active than an 85 year male. If we compared the strength of this 21 year old to the strength of an 85 year old male, even if there was a significant strength deficit, it would still look pretty good. By comparing him to another 21 year old we get a true representation of where his strength is and where it should be compared to other 21 year olds his age and weight.  By comparing you to someone your age, weight and gender we are able to more accurately predict your response to our treatment.

What makes MedX so much more effective compared to the usual ball exercises?2019-06-05T23:43:15-07:00

It simply isolates the muscles of the back and neck through an elaborate restraint system which allows testing of the weakest area of the spine and then compares that to other men or women your age or weight. We are then able begin the rehab with enough weight to cause growth of the muscle but not enough to overload the spine and cause pain. Because we are exercising the weak link specifically, we are able to be more aggressive with the rehab which allows us to see improvements rapidly. Ball exercise, while appropriate in some cases, is nowhere as effective.

How does MedX work?2019-06-05T23:42:57-07:00

MedX works by isolating the spinal muscles in both the neck and back through an elaborate restraint system which allows testing of the weakest areas of the spine and exercising of those weak muscles specifically without allowing you the ability to recruit other muscles to assist either the test or exercise.

Why can’t I just exercise at home or the gym?2019-06-05T23:42:41-07:00

Home exercises or exercising equipment at the gym are helpful but cannot isolate the deep extensor muscles that are usually the culprit when it comes to chronic neck or back pain. MedX testing and rehabilitation machines are the only machines that will isolate the spinal muscles in the neck and back while eliminating the ability for you to recruit other muscles to assist the test or exercise.

How long does it take for the total rehabilitation program?2019-06-05T23:42:16-07:00

The length of treatment often depends on the severity of the injury and how long it has lasted. Research has shown that 6-10 weeks is a typical length of rehabilitation. Research has also shown that the strength you develop using the MedX is maintained by normal activities. This means in general you DO NOT have to keep using the MedX after your rehabilitation.

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