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Suffering an injury due to a car accident is extremely common in the US. According to the National Safety Council , an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives and 4. 5 million people were seriously injured in car crashes on the roads in 2018. The most common type is whiplash injury which causes damage to the soft tissues of the neck.

While some injuries are manifested immediately following a car accident, some injuries including whiplash or other damage to the spine are not so readily apparent. These injuries may not manifest themselves for weeks or months following the accident. Some people feel pain immediately and then the pain can worsen over the next few days or the pain may subside for a while and then can return weeks to months following the initial episode. In General, injuries from motor vehicle accidents, including whiplash, even the less serious ones can result in long-term consequences, if not treated correctly in the early stages and if not addressed properly throughout the treatment period.

The majority of non-life-threatening injuries involve the soft tissues of the body such as muscle, fascia and ligamentous tissue. This tissue then heals as scar tissue which is invariably leaves the functional tissues in a weakened state. Once you start putting stress on the damaged tissues, through your normal activities of daily living or demands of employment, we see a gradual break down of the tissue which may manifest as increased pain immediately or not for some time. Early intervention and treatment, especially whiplash treatment or other spinal treatment is paramount to not only minimize the scarring that takes place in the soft tissue but to make sure the tissue heals correctly so as to minimize disability in the future.

Treating The Cause, Not Just The Symptoms

We have found that patients treated in this office for chronic and/or persistent neck or back pain, in a large percentage of the cases, can trace the original episode of pain to a car accident in the past. While pain medication, chiropractic care and physiotherapy may provide temporary relief from injuries to the spine sustained in a car accident in the initial stages, it will not address the long-term effects of the injuries These long-term effects are most often a result of functional weakness to the segmental muscles of the spine. This segmental muscle weakness occurs within 48-72 hours following injury to the spine. This segmental strength deficit can be identified through the MedX spinal testing equipment we use. We treat the patient in the initial stages with treatments and movements that are not only focused on reducing the pain and discomfort associated with those injuries but will also minimize the residual scarring in the soft tissues. This allows the damaged tissues to heal in a manner that limits adhesion formation to the surrounding structures and restores normal pain free joint movement. We then provide long term relief by addressing any functional weakness that is identified thus limiting any residual pain in the future. If you have been involved in a car accident The Center for Total Back Care should be your destination for treatment and rehabilitation for those injuries sustained in a car accident. The treatment and rehabilitation protocols we have developed are extremely effective in treating whiplash and other sprains and strains of the neck and back and providing long-term relief. Treatment is provided through a variety of different methods including physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments and exercises. Call 480-633-8293 to schedule an appointment today, or to learn more about how we can help.