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Neck Pain Treatment In Mesa, AZ

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Neck pain is a common complaint that we treat regularly in this office. The pain can range from a mild, nagging ache that comes and goes throughout the day to a serious and debilitating throbbing, sharp pain that negatively impacts daily work performance and leisure activities. If you suffer from neck pain, we offer a wide range of non-surgical solutions that can often quickly relieve pain without the use of prescription drugs.

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Neck pain symptoms can range from a generalized dull ache or tightness, to a sharp pain that can target a certain area of the neck. The dull ache may feel like a constant aching or burning pain, whereas sharp neck pain can feel like an intense stinging sensation usually associated with movement. Many of our patients suffer from a stiff neck in addition to enduring some level of pain and discomfort. Even when the pain subsides temporarily, tension and soreness in the muscles can limit the mobility of neck movement and lead to loss of strength in the neck muscles. Severe cases of neck pain can cause significant pain in the arm and hand and are often associated with diminished reflexes and changes in sensation. Numbness of the arms and/or fingers may signal a more complex case of neck pain.

Causes: What can neck pain be a sign of?

Neck pain can be caused by something as common as sleeping in an incorrect position, which leads to stiffness in the neck. Muscle strains caused by hunching over a computer all day long can trigger a dull pain that if ignored and not treated, can lead to intense neck pain. Tension in the neck caused by poor mechanics can lead to changes in movement patterns that often translate to early deterioration of the underlying joints and discs resulting in early degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. Additionally, our clinic treats a large number of patients suffering from neck pain caused by a serious injury, such as a whiplash injury during a car accident or an incident that happened during a sports competition. Some diseases like cancer and meningitis can also generate pain in the neck muscles and should be ruled out as soon as possible, which is why early treatment is important.

Diagnosing: Can neck pain be a sign of something serious?

Taking an in depth medical history of a patient is where we start the diagnosis process for neck pain. We analyze the symptoms of neck pain, through a thorough examination, which helps us determine the root cause of the condition. The physical examination includes the following diagnostic criteria:

  • Observation
  • Range of motion test
  • Palpation of the muscles and soft tissues to detect spasms and/or tightness
  • Orthopedic tests to determine the source of pain (i.e. disc, muscle, facet, nerve root)
  • Testing reflexes
  • Evaluating sensation to detect unusual responses
  • Measure neck muscle strength with MedX spinal testing equipment


Prevention of neck pain starts at home with the pillow and mattress you use to get a good night’s sleep. Proper sleeping habits can help prevent the development of neck soreness, and stiffness. Setting your chair to the correct height to ensure both feet rest on the ground is an important preventive tip in the workplace. Try not to lean your head to the side when talking on a cell phone and sit with the proper posture when reading a book at home. Below are a few tips:

  • Postures while talking on the phone
  • Proper posture while reading a book or on your phone
  • Proper computer monitor height
  • Avoiding static postures by taking frequent breaks
  • Maintain flexibility and strength

Treatment of Cervical Pain in Mesa

By using a comprehensive evaluation and treatment process and combining over 45 years of practice experience in the fields of chiropractic and physical therapy, the team of Dr. Jolley and Dr. Raczkowski can identify the cause of your problem and not just treat the symptoms. We make non-invasive and non-surgical treatments for neck pain our top priority. The equipment we use to help us discover the source of neck pain which gives us a clear picture of how to proceed with your individualized treatment and rehabilitation program.

We utilize the MedX spinal rehabilitation and disability reduction protocols These computerized and highly advanced spinal rehabilitation protocols help us isolate the cervical musculature. This allows us to objectively document the presence of functional disability caused by functional muscle weakness due to soft tissue injury. This soft tissue injury is often the cause of the residual chronic neck pain people experience following a car accident. By effectively isolating and strengthening the deep spinal musculature, we have success with chronic neck pain patients who have achieved limited results with other forms of treatment. If you are interested in determining the source of your pain or getting rid of that nagging neck pain long-term, if looking for neck pain treatment near me schedule a free consultation today!

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