Services Offered

The Center for Total Back Care offers the following services:


Our approach to the more chronic and difficult cases utilizes a functional neurological approach. The nervous system is dynamic not static. It is receptor driven which is to say that we receive stimulation from the outside world through sensations such as vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. There are large numbers of receptors located in the joints and muscles of the musculoskeletal system that send information to the brain concerning smooth coordinated movement, gait, posture and the position of the body and joints in relationship to gravity. By testing specific neurological function we can gain a window into how the nervous system is functioning in relationship to each individuals specific complaint. With this information we are able to tailor a specific spinal rehabilitation program to each individuals needs. We can also include spinal manipulation, visual therapy such as light and specific eye movement exercises to enhance neurological function and integrity.


Ice/heat, interferential therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, high and low volt galvanic, iontophoresis, phonophoresis, and ultrasound. soft tissue massage including transverse friction massage and other soft tissue mobilization techniques.


Specific spinal rehabilitation including spinal stabilization, post-surgical rehabilitaion, post-procedure rehabilitation including radiofrequency neuroablation and IDET, specific stretching, neuromuscular re-education, back school training in activities of daily living and demands of employment, body mechanics posture and therapeutic exercise.


The core of our rehabilitation is the MedX medical spinal testing and rehabilitation machines. These are the only machines available today that will effectively isolate the lumbar extensor muscles exclusively by stabilizing the lower extremity through an elaborate restraint system. We are able to test each individuals’ low back strength and compare them to age-matched norms (other men or women their age and weight). This allows us to effectively document muscle weakness and gives us baseline measurements allowing us to follow their progress as we increase strength to normal levels. We use both the lumbar and cervical medical machines. For more information visit


We offer all forms of spinal manipulative therapy as well as Mckenzie mechanical therapy.


Vertebral Axial Decompression is a relatively new procedure that has been FDA approved since 1996 for the treatment of discogenic disease including herniated and bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, failed back surgery, facet syndrome and sciatica. It has shown an approximate 75% success rate for single level involvement and a 70% success rate for multilevel involvement.


Often times patients are returned to work with only a doctors estimate of how they will function on the job following injury. We utilize Epic Lift Capacity testing, which provides the employee, as well as the employer, measurable work tolerances, which may limit his/her ability to perform essential functions of the job. This helps us avoid placing the employee back to work too early, or with specific measurable limitations, minimizing the risk of re-injury.


We utilize two patented machines that have only been available on the PGA tour trailer The Med-X Stretch and Rotatory Torso machines. These help promote greater joint flexibility and strength for a quicker more fluid swing. This program will also reduce the energy required for movement, prevent injury by increasing range of motion, enhance posture, improve coordination and heighten mind-body awareness, and improve circulation and joint nutrition which decreases the likelihood of degenerative joint disease.

This program also increases torque, which is the difference between the rotation of the shoulders and the rotation of the hips on the backswing. The MedX rotary torso secures the hips while it works both sides of the body through a full range of motion, isolating and strengthening the muscles used in the golf swing.


We offer a complete line of industrial consulting including on-site ergonomic and job hazard analysis, ergonomic changes to work stations, specific on-site training and safety programs including train the trainer. We also offer pre-placement screenings including medical assessments, functional capacity evaluations and testing of lumbar strength. We have also developed the Back Assessment Kit in conjunction with Northern Pipeline Construction to help safety personnel provide an effective pre-placement screening program that is easy and inexpensive


One of the most exciting and innovative programs we offer industry is an on-site low back strengthening program. This program was developed by an orthopeadic surgeon and an exercise physiologist who were largely responsible for the original research on the MedX medical testing and rehabilitation equipment at the University of Florida, College of Exercise Science.


We are happy to announce that we are now offering a “Spine Fitness Membership Program” to our existing and former patients. This membership program allows you to utilize our specialized MedX equipment once a week to help you maintain the spinal strength and flexibility gains you have made during your treatment with us. Learn more>>>