Success Stories

When I first came to TBC I literally could hardly walk! I have had lower back problems for almost 20 years. At first chiropractic helped, but over the years as my condition worsened chiropractic became less and less effective. It was seriously hindering my ability to work, fish, play golf, enjoy life. After having several bad episodes within a 4-6 month stretch of time we came across TBC on the internet and as a last resort got involved with a 4 month rehab program. My results have been AMAZING!!! My back no longer keeps me from working, fishing and doing the many outdoor activities I enjoy. I have been a golfer since the age of 12. I can say with much excitement that I have not seen this kind of power in my tee and fairway shots since my early 20’s. The guys I golf with are amazed!!! I welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone about my experience and success with Dr. Jolley and his team. Thank you for giving Me My Life Back!

This letter is to first say a thank you to The Center for Total Back Care, the chiropractors, physical therapists, Vax-D technicians, and all the staff who work there for being so friendly and for providing me with the best therapeutic & chiropractic care I’ve ever received. Additionally, I would like to mention that prior to coming for treatment at this center, I underwent therapy treatments at least 3 other chiropractic care centers with no substantial relief for my low back and upper leg pain & discomfort. However, while undergoing the Vax-D and Med-X therapy programs under the care of Dr. Jolley, my pain and discomfort decreased to almost non-existent; thereby, restoring my hope in my ability to once again enjoy all my hobbies and activities without pain and the associated irritability afterwards. Therefore, I again express my sincere gratitude for their services, financial flexibility, and highly recommend them to anyone seeking the best chiropractic & therapeutic care. You will not be disappointed.
Boyd N

The doctors and staff are great, very professional and informed and helpful, but the treatments are extraordinary. I haven’t felt this kind of relief for over 35 years. I can’t believe it. Look into this you back sufferers; some of you will physically jump for joy at how you feel (think about jumping before you do though)! Try it, it beats the surgery alternative.
Russ M

I can play with my grandchildren and do the things I love… Before going to the Center for Total Back Care I had tried everything for my chronic back pain. After my first MedX session my pain was decreased by 50%. I am now pain free and I am enjoying my life again. I can play with my grandchildren and do the things I love.
Sheila E

It is to my amazement how great my back feels… I would love to comment on the treatment I have received from The Center for Total Back Care. I made an appointment with them and received an examination showing extremely weak back muscles. I have received six treatments within the past three weeks on the MedX machines. The treatments are painless, and make my back feel much better each time I receive one. It is to my amazement how great my back feels, and how I am able to do all the things, “I use to do.” It is great living a normal life again, with a much stronger back, not to mention, “pain free”. The pain I would experience came for no apparent reason, caused by a simple reach to place a glass on the table, or bend over to pick up a ball. These unfortunate episodes have been occurring off and on, for the past fifteen years, disabling me anywhere from one-three week periods at a time. The shooting pain in my lower back would become so intense it would stiffen my lower back, accompanied by extreme muscle spasms. I have been through fifteen years of examinations, x-rays, prescribed pain medications, and physical therapy. All recommended by my family doctors and physical therapists. Unfortunately, they only gave me temporary relief, and leaving me wondering and worrying “when will the next one strike!”
Mike A

After treatment on the Vax-D I no longer have any back or neck pain… After suffering from severe back and leg pain for several months, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I was told surgery was my only option. A friend told me about The Center for Total Back Care and a procedure called Vax-D. After treatment on the Vax-D I no longer have any back or leg pain. Even the surgeon was impressed.
Michael C

My back and leg pain are gone… I had back surgery in 1995 for a disc herniation. At first I felt some relief but then the pain in my back and leg returned. I was about to have another surgery and then I saw an ad for The Center for Total Back Care in the Tribune. They placed me on Vax-D treatment and then strengthened my back with the MedX machine. My back and leg pain are gone. I wish I could have tried this before my first surgery.
Phil N

After four weeks I was pain free… I suffered from chronic back pain for over 15 years. The pain was getting so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I had all the treatments available for back pain. The Center for Total Back Care doctors placed me on a rehab program using the Med-X equipment and within a couple of sessions the pain was almost gone. After four weeks I was pain free. I wish I would have known about this years ago.
Clark D

I tried Vax-D and within weeks my pain was gone… I have had back pain for over 10 years. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t do anything without paying for it the next day. After an MRI my doctor told me I had 3 bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I tried the Vax-D and within weeks my pain was gone. I’ve started to resume a normal life and can play tennis for the first time in about five years.
Scott S

It was a blessing to finally be rid of the pain… My experience at Total Back Care has been very positive. From the front desk to the Dr. and therapist, all have been so helpful. I truly believe that the Vax-D and Med-X machines helped me extensively to rid me of the extreme pain I had in my sciatic and lower back. The staff was patient and encouraging for me during my treatment. Overall it was a blessing to finally be rid of pain!
Charlene K

TBC has given me my life back… I have had problems with my back off and on for many years. After my first month, I am able to return to painless activities. I could not do much without pain prior to the therapy treatments, but now I am able to start running again. Thanks to everyone at The Center for Total Back Care, they have given me my life back!
Kevin M

I feel better than before the accidents… After two car accidents I was told my neck pain would never go away. After treatment and rehabilitation I have no pain at all. I’m back to work and I feel better than before the accidents.
Cyndy L

A few weeks later I was walking and pain free… When I walked into the office, I could hardly walk, I was in extreme pain, but to my amazement the staff took it very lightly, because they knew they could take care of my problem, and boy did they ever. A few weeks later I was walking and pain free, as they assured me that this would solve my problems and it did. Here I am almost two years later with the help of Med-X and the professional help of Armando and Michael, I am as healthy as a 21 year-old without no exaggeration, and I am 76 years young. Thanks a lot guys!
Leo B

I am pain free the first time in 20 years… I was very apprehensive about going to a Chiropractor to fix my “bad” back. I was afraid that twisting my back would hurt. So I lived with the pain. Finally I was referred to The Center for Total Back Care. Dr. Jolley examined me and explained my problem. Thanks to him and his very capable professional staff, I feel great. My energy and stamina has increased and I am pain free for the first time in 20 years.
Jim W

You are an amazing office! Throughout my life, I have been referred to physical therapy, and I always groaned! It did not seem to help I got bored with the repetitive exercises that I could easily do at home…the physical therapist seemed to be verrrrry busy… so I used any possible excuse to not return! But YOUR office… not only are you friendly and funny (consistently)…you gave me cause to return. You worked the heck out of me; I knew that my body was changing, and I appreciate the end result(s). Neither my neck nor my back are “fixed,” but they are so much stronger that I can feel the difference. My back is better than it has been for years! Thank You!
Mike, I know I said I was tired of seeing your face (and I won’t be returning just so I can look at you again!), but I very much appreciated your concern and the time you spent with me. I wanted definite answers, and you could not give them to me…but you gave me answers with which I could live! Armando, what can I say? For schizzle??? You did not let up on me, even when I yelled “uncle”. Well, I guess you did… but ONLY when I could honestly do no more. And, Lexi… always the cheerful face… always gracious and kind… even to old ladies like I am!
Thank You, thank you!
Georgia M

My experience at Total Back clinic has been wonderful. The people are friendly and helpful. I could hardly walk when I came in, now I feel like a normal person again. All the people are professional and caring. I will certainley recommend this place to other people. I will return when or if I have severe pain again.
Thanks for everything!
Gloria Jean P

Where do I start? First hurt lower back in 1967 lifting a stretcher on the job as a fireman. Next thirty some years off and on, with good and bad days. Came to Total Back Care. Then twenty treatments with Vax-D machine, now twice monthly the Med-X machine to beef up muscles. The last three years have been pretty darn good. Thank you Total Back Care, thank you Dr. Jolley, thank you staff of Total Back Care.
Joe M RET. Firefighter

Now I am able to do my job at work without restriction and carry in the groceries again. Thank you Dr. Jolley and all the staff at Total Back Care.
Janet G