Are you suffering from back pain associated with herniated, ruptured, bulging or degenerative discs? Do have sciatic leg pain complaints or suffer from spinal stenosis because of any of these disc problems? If so, it is about time you find the best available back and neck pain treatment by our talented chiropractor and physical therapist in Tempe, Arizona.

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VAX-D Treatment For Spinal Disc Problems

When it comes to a non-surgical treatment for acute and chronic spinal pain associated with spinal disc problems, the VAX-D treatment of the Center for Total Back Care is the most effective.

What is VAX-D?

Vax-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression. It is a recent development that treats back pain associated with herniated, ruptured, bulging or degenerative discs. VAX-D alleviates back pain by stretching the spine and decompressing the spinal disc.

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How Does VAX-D work?

During the VAX-D session, the patient lies face down on a motorized table that is controlled by a certified professional through a computer console. A harness is wrapped around the patient’s pelvis while his hands hold onto two patient-operated handgrips. The bed is then stretched through a computer console operated by the expert professional. This method decompresses the spinal disc, allowing fluids and nutrients to enter the disc, reducing swelling and relieving pressure on the pinched nerves. If the patient finds the stretch unbearable, he simply lets go of the handgrips. The VAX-D back therapy typically lasts 45 minutes.

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VAX-D Helps Slipped Disc

Slipped disc is the layman’s term for herniated disc. The VAX-D can help in treating herniated discs through the decompression effect on the spine that the table does. What makes VAX-D different from other treatment approaches is that it can decompress multiple herniated discs simultaneously.

VAX-D Can Be Done Even After Surgery

Post-surgical patients can still benefit from VAX-D rehabilitation. There are even studies that prove that VAX-D provides relief to patients who have had one or more back surgeries.

Note: Before undergoing VAX-D treatment though, be sure to contact your physician first.

To find out more about VAX-D or to know if you are not contraindicated from utilizing the VAX-D approach to back and neck pain relief, call the Center for Total Back Care at 480-633-8293. We offer a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate for this type of treatment. We also have payment plans available.

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