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Athletes, even highly trained ones, aren’t immune to injury. Sprains, fractures, tendonitis, neck and low back injuries are a part of the life of an athlete. These injuries can occur from a one-time event, but are often due to overuse, and incorrect training techniques. No matter the cause of these injuries, knowing and addressing the cause of the most frequent sports injuries can help you take preventative measures, and if injured will help you recover quicker. At the Center for Total Back Care we are proud of the many professional amateur and recreational athletes we have helped over the past 35+ years to recover from back pain, neck pain, and other injuries. Using a team approach, we can get you back in the game as quickly as possible We take an active approach to your care and by use a combination of manual therapies, and high-tech equipment we have an extremely high success rate of treating those with injuries, especially those that linger. If you are experiencing pain from a sports injury, don’t delay your path to recovery. Come meet with our talented team of physical therapists and chiropractors today for a free consultation.

Because pain is not uncommon for athletes there is a tendency for athletes to want to get back into the game or compete as soon as possible and to ignore the pain. Some things to look for that may indicate a more serious injury are:

  • Any deformity in a bone or joint. If it just doesn’t look right.
  • The inability to bear weight on a joint or it giving way.
  • Any changes in the skin color other than normal bruising.
  • Extreme swelling.
  • It’s not getting any better after a few days of using PRICE
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Remember PRICE when you are injured:

  • Protection - Protect the affected area from further injury –by using a support.
  • Rest - Avoid exercise and reduce your daily physical activity. Using crutches or a walking stick may help if you can’t put weight on your ankle or knee. A sling may help if you’ve injured your shoulder. Lying down using ice will help with spinal pain but this should only be a temporary measure to avoid spinal deconditioning.
  • Ice - Apply an ice pack to the affected area for 15-20 minutes every two hours. A kitchen garbage bag filled with ice works the best. Usually ice can be placed directly on the skin but you should wrap the ice pack in a thin towel if you are sensitive to ice. Also never place a gel or other chemical pack directly on the skin as these can get below freezing and cause frost bite to the skin.
  • Compression -Use elastic compression bandages during the day to limit swelling.
  • Elevation - Keep the injured body part raised above the level of your heart whenever possible. This may also help reduce swelling.

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