Chiropractic and Physiotherapy in Scottsdale

Low back pain, pounding neck pain and throbbing headaches can significantly affect your quality of life. It can be exhausting and debilitating when you experience any form of physical pain. Good news: you don’t have to endure this pain for the rest of your life. There are now a lot of available back and neck pain relief in Scottsdale, Arizona. At The Center for Total Back Care our chiropractor and physical therapist are ready to help you be pain free today.

Located in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona and just adjacent to the Greater Phoenix Area, Scottsdale is “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach”, as described by The New York Times. Scottsdale is a city that celebrates passion in all its forms. From arts and culture to rest and relaxation, Scottsdale is the place to be. Scottsdale is home to more than 100 galleries that displays the arts of its residents and visitors. More than the railroad of art museums are Scottsdale’s attractions like the amusement parks and award winning zoos. Just like Miami’s South Beach, Scottsdale boasts of large shopping centers and hard-to-resist nightlife where you can enjoy whole day shopping and spend the rest of your night lounging in its wine bars and dance clubs.

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Different Back And Neck Pain Relief Management

These are some of the back and neck pain relief management you can utilize to regain a pain-free lifestyle.

  • Dry Needling Stimulates the nerves of the central nervous system and is believed to cause the release of chemicals in the body that relieves pain physically and psychologically
  • Passive Modalities includes electrical stimulations, ice and heat, massage therapy, spinal manipulations and other soft tissue mobilization techniques.
  • Manual Therapy like the McKenzie approach utilizes exercises or movements to find the cause and effect relationships between certain positions and the client’s pain. These movements are used to measure the patient’s pain response and will be the basis for a pain relief protocol that will centralize or alleviate the pain.
  • Physiotherapy can be an initial approach to relieve back and neck pain. It can also be used as a rehabilitation program post-surgery. Physiotherapy helps your back heal more quickly and it prevents a recurrence of back pain.
  • Spinal Decompression through VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression). It is a relatively new procedure of decompressing the spine to alleviate back and neck pain that is associated with herniated and bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, failed back surgery, facet syndrome and sciatica.
  • MedX Spinal Testing and Rehabilitation This therapy determines the strength of the muscles of the back and isolates these injured muscles to perform strengthening exercises or movements that would improve its tonicity. In case you need a thorough evaluation for your back or neck pain, just call the Center for Total Back Care at 480-633-8293. We can book you a free appointment to determine what plan of care would suit you best.

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