Arm, Hand and Wrist Pain: Why does it happen, and what are the treatments?

If you are suffering from arm pain we might be able to help. We have several treatment options designed to help alleviate arm pain, and hand pain. Hand and wrist pain can affect anyone; and be quite debilitating. our doctors are trained to examine and localize the cause of various conditions causing arm, and wrist pain. Our treatment options includ pain management techniques, chiropractic neurology, massage, and physiotherapy. After a thorough examination a doctor will determine which treatment is right for you

Arm, and wrist pain is accompanied by numbness, inflammation and a feeling of weakness. If left untreated it usually gets worse, and may cause a loss of functionality. The hand is one of the most complex areas of the whole body; it has 10 bones, 17 joints, and 19 muscles. If any of the parts is compromised by even a slight problem, many of the other movements within the hand can be affected. The hand can, and wrist can be affected by different causes of pain in addition to external injury, there are related diseases that can also cause discomfort.

Arm and Hand Pain