Back Pain for Runners Starts Deep

January 26, 2018

1 min read

A recent study used motion-capture technology to reveal that the source of back pain for runners lies deeper than expected.

Researchers collected data using a motion-capture system and pressure-sensitive plates as participants ran around a track; they then used the findings to create 3D-model bones and muscles in a moving human body.

The models showed the different muscle groups at work during endurance running. The scientists learned that much of the back-supporting burden was carried by muscles in the body’s deep core, rather than by the surface abdominal muscles that core-strengthening workouts typically target, according to the study. This could explain why some runners experience back pain even though they perform exercises thought to build core strength, the study authors said.

Our unique approach to treating low-back pain, uses specialized equipment like Vax-D and Med-X to target the deeper core muscles and strengthen them.

To learn more, check out this article in the Journal of Biomechanics Biomechanical consequences of running with deep core muscle weakness

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