Integrating Modern Treatments for Back Pain, Beyond Medication

April 03, 2024

3 min read

Research from The George Institute for Global Health in 2017 has fundamentally challenged the effectiveness of commonly prescribed medications for back pain, such as ibuprofen (Advil). Despite their widespread use, this study found that these drugs provide minimal relief and are associated with significant risks of side effects.

In an extensive review of 35 clinical trials concerning painkillers' impact on back pain, the startling revelation was that only a minority of participants reported meaningful pain relief. "Back pain, the leading cause of disability across the globe, is frequently addressed with anti-inflammatory drugs," noted Manuela Ferreira, the study's lead investigator. "However, our research indicates that the benefits of such medications are minimal and clinically negligible, with any slight reduction in pain not warranting their use due to potential side effects."

These side effects, including risks of liver damage and gastrointestinal bleeding, starkly overshadow the minimal pain relief provided by these medications, suggesting a need to reassess their use in treating back pain.

Meanwhile, a previous study by the University of North Texas Health Science Center highlighted the advantages of manipulative therapies, which were shown to effectively decrease pain and improve functionality in individuals experiencing chronic low back pain. This contrast underscores the potential of alternative treatment methods.

Acknowledging that much back pain stems from muscular weakness, our clinic embraces a holistic approach to back pain treatment, integrating MedX technology with chiropractic care. MedX is celebrated for its precise focus on strengthening spinal and skeletal muscles, offering a targeted strategy to mitigate back pain. This approach, combined with chiropractic treatments, addresses both the symptoms and underlying causes of back pain, such as muscular imbalances and weaknesses.

Our integrated treatment philosophy aims to deliver a more comprehensive solution to back pain, moving away from the temporary and often inadequate relief provided by over-the-counter drugs. By enhancing the body's natural healing capabilities and fortifying the musculoskeletal framework, we strive to offer a lasting solution to pain relief and a significant improvement in quality of life, reinforcing our dedication to pioneering safe and effective back pain management strategies.

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