Eccentric Wrist Extensions for Elbow Pain

December 20, 2021

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Many Americans experience elbow pain which can be detrimental in day-to-day activities. While injuries are a large reason for elbow related pain, what is more common to cause elbow inflammation and discomfort is the repetitive stress motions which occur throughout your day. This can include playing sports or just simply working at your desk. Above is a general exercise to incorporate and help prevent elbow pain.

Common causes of elbow pain

Many movements you make whether it be brushing your teeth or walking your dog are using your elbow joints. Any slight change of the normal movements you do can sometimes aggravate joints, causing sharp pain through the arm and elbow region. This discomfort is a result of the tendon inflammation, causing slight pain.

There are a few different types of conditions which can cause elbow pain. The first being Epicondylitis, an overuse injury which is also known as tennis elbow. The second type of condition is called Bursitis which can cause serious joint pain and is the result of bursa (fluid-filled sac) inflammation. Another is osteoarthritis, a condition caused from a previous injury in your elbow or by repetitive stress of the joint without adequate attention. Additionally, elbow pain can be caused by a fracture, bone spur, prolonged activities, or dislocation.

The importance of wrist extension

As one of the most complex joints in the body, the wrist allows broad movement except when there is stiffness or a nagging pain. Most times, tension around the wrist region may be because of low blood flow in the joint. Pain generally can be a symptom of conditions like arthritis, wrist sprain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The Orthopedic Surgery Journal wrote that wrist extensions can aid in helping to develop strength around the forearm region and release tension.

Wrist extensions are a great exercise you can do daily to increase the flexibility of your wrists and prevent repetitive injuries. Wrist extensions are performed by keeping your forearm in place and stretching your hand upward and downward slowly. This acts to not only loosen your wrist muscles and tendons but also to strengthen them much of which are interconnected with your elbow.

Effect of wrist extension on elbow pain

Exercises like tennis can cause severe discomfort in your elbow. Tendon damage in the elbow’s lateral side may result from incorrect form or unnatural movement during training. Other contributing factors can be flexibility problems, weak muscles, age, and poor blood circulation.

The impingement of the joint occurs because of hand and forearm muscle overload. When you use wrist extensions to treat elbow pain, it promotes flexibility, endurance, and strength for the joint. Similarly, eccentric exercises stimulate the generation of collagen and enable the tendons to withstand pressure during activities.

Steps to perform wrist extension

Step 1

Elbow pain is from overworking the muscles or a concentric contraction, i.e. taking the muscles to a shortened position. The best approach to prevent this discomfort is to take the muscle to a lengthened position known as eccentric contraction. Wrap the affected hand with an elastic band and anchor it to your feet to provide enough tension.

Step 2

Next, place your wrapped forearm on the thigh and use the other hand to push the wrapped hand up and let go after a few seconds, letting the hand fall in the eccentric contraction. Repeat the procedure up to 10 times. After completion, flip the hand over and repeat the process.

Final thoughts

Wrist extensions are a practical approach to prevent and help alleviate elbow pain. However, if you feel like wrist extensions may not be relieving some discomfort or pain you may be experiencing it is advisable to consult a medical professional. If you want to learn more about wrist extensions contact The Center for Total Back Care today!

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