Funny Medical Codes

February 05, 2016

1 min read

Sometimes in our profession you just have to laugh. There has been a recent change in how medical practices code injuries. In October of 2015, all medical practices went from ICD-9 coding to ICD-10 coding. This change was to improve the documentation and cause of injuries for better tracking. With these changes, we have started to see some very peculiar, funny medical codes.

Here is a list of some of the more unusual ICD-10 codes.

  1. Y92.146 – Swimming Pool of Prison as the occurrence of the external cause.
  2. Z63.1 – Problems in relationship with in-laws
  3. Y92.241 – Hurt at the Library
  4. W56.22 – Struck by Orca, initial encounter
  5. V91.07 – Burn due to water-skis on fire
  6. V91.35 – Hit or struck by falling object due to accident by canoe or kayak
  7. V97.33 – Sucked into jet engine
  8. R46.1 – Bizarre personal appearance
  9. W61,33 – Pecked by a chicken, initial encounter
  10. V95.43 – Spacecraft collision injuring occupant

So just know, the next time you get injured, yes they have a medical code for that!

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