Low Impact Exercises for a Healthy Life

May 21, 2019

2 min read

It seems like almost everyday we are told to exercise more, fad workouts gain popularity, some even promise you never have to exercise again if you follow a specific tip. But the truth is that exercise can greatly extend your quality of life, length of life, as well as hosting numerous benefits such as decreased inflammation, and lower blood pressure. The most of the exercise we do knowingly, or not is aerobic. Aerobic exercise is exercise that relates to the cardiovascular system like running, playing basketball, or going for a walk. Aerobic exercise helps with weight loss, and regulating blood sugar. Aerobic exercise also can reduce pain, and reduce back pain by improving blood flow to the spinal structures. Not all aerobic exercises are the same however. While running is great for increasing heart rate it sometimes can cause pain in the knees, and back because of its high impact. Low impact exercise is often best for the body, and health. Below are some examples of ow impact exercises that you can incorporate into your life.

Types of Low-Impact Exercise


Walking everyday can drastically improve your health, for just 30 minutes a day walking can greatly improve blood flow, and prevent back pain.


Exercise in water allows low impact of your joints, while the water adds resistance. Making swimming naturally a fantastic exercise.

Stationary Biking

Stationary biking can provide the same aerobic benefits of bike riding, but in a controlled environment. In stationary biking you don’t have to worry about jstling, or uneven ground and unexpected obstacles. This type of workout can also greatly strengthen knees.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical machine stimulates, and mimics the movements off running, and jogging without the strain on your joints. This machines often have a variety of resistance levels to increase heart rate, and cardiovascular health

These are just a few examples of good low impact aerobic exercises. By implementing just one of these exercises in your routine daily for 30 minutes you can greatly improve your health.

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