Myths about back pain

September 03, 2016

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5 Myths about back pain

Any medical condition can have myths created around the causes. We often have discussions with patients around the causes of back pain and we often hear myths about back pain. Here are some of the most common myths around back pain.

  1. Heavy school back packs cause back pain – A recent study showed no direct correlation to heavy back packs and back pain. Static postures have more correlation to a students back pain than back packs
  2. Moving will cause more back pain – When a person has back pain it can be very uncomfortable to move in any way, but the reality is that movement helps relax muscles in spasm. Smooth, mild movements, while uncomfortable at first, will help decrease back pain and helps speed up the healing process.
  3. Avoid weightlifting with back pain – This goes in conjunction with moving. If you approach weightlifting with lighter loads and continue to build up the weight you will strengthen your body which will be more capable of handling stresses that can cause back pain
  4. MRI’s and X-rays will diagnose back pain – As we age our back changes, discs narrow and bone spurring can occur. This doesn’t mean that you are going to have back pain. Most people have these conditions and rarely have back pain.
  5. Pain means you have damaged tissue – Pain can be related to many things that don’t necessarily mean you have damaged tissue. Pain intensity is unique to each individual and the body responds differently for everyone. People that have been on pain management pills can struggle with false pain when they aren’t taking them. Sometimes just interrupting the pain impulse can alleviate back pain immediately.

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