Side Stepping with Exercise Band for Hip Pain

December 22, 2020

2 min read

There are many causes of hip pain and one of the reasons you may experience hip pain is related to weak hip abductors. Exercises targeting these muscle groups can help improve strength and stability in the hips. A great exercise to target hip pain is Side Stepping with Exercise Band.

How to Perform the Side Stepping with Exercise Band

The Side Step with Exercise Band exercise can easily be performed at home. You can purchase exercise bands from a local sporting goods store or online outlet. It is best to start with lighter resistance bands and progress to higher resistance bands as you get more comfortable with the movement and feel the bands are too light. Here is how you perform the exercise:

  1. Use an open area of the floor approximately 10-15 feet long.
  2. Place your feet inside the exercise band and pull it up to your ankles.
  3. From a standing position, put slight bend in your knees and side step putting tension on the band.
  4. Bring your legs back together, but maintain tension on the exercise band.
  5. Repeat stepping 5 times in one direction and then repeat in the other direction.
  6. Perform 3-5 sets.

If you are still unsure of how to perform this exercise you can watch the video below where Dr. Raz a physical therapist demonstrates how to correctly perform this exercise. If your hip pain continues to persist it is best to be evaluated by a professional to see if you experiencing other underlying conditions. You can do so by scheduling a free consultation with us today.

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