Signs that you are overheating

May 19, 2017

1 min read

It’s time for triple digit temperatures in Arizona. Listening to how your body responds in the heat can keep you healthy. Watch for these signs that you are overheating:

  1. Tingling Skin – Symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion can include goose bumps or tingling skin.
  2. Headaches – If you are out in the heat and start to experience a headache it means you need to cool down.
  3. Weakness & Fatigue – If you suddenly start feeling week or fatigued, increased anxiety and agitation you could be overheating.
  4. Nausea – This is a clear sign that you could be experience heat stroke. Seek medical attention immediately.
  5. Changes in heart rate – Any major changes in heart rate, whether increased or decreased heart rate, can be a sign of overexposure to heat.
  6. Dizziness – If you start feeling dizzy, you need to get yourself out of heat immediately and start to cool down. This is a significant precursor to heat stroke.
  7. Sweating profusely or not at all – Sweating is designed to help regulate the body’s temperature. If you are sweating profusely, you are dehydrating quickly. If you are not sweating at all, you are in significant danger of overheating.

Keep an eye on these signs this summer so you can stay healthy!

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