Stress Management for Neck Pain Relief

May 09, 2019

2 min read

At the Center for Total Back Care we take a complete approach to overall wellness of the body. While other clinics may focus on just symptoms we focus on relieving symptoms, by finding the root cause and then by putting in place preventative measures to avoid future pain, or discomfort. Accordingly a main cause of back and neck pain surprisingly can be one the most common things plaguing our society, which is stress. Not only does stress affect your mood, sleep, and overall wellbeing, but it also creates tension and tightening of muscles which causes neck pain. Below are three great tips for managing stress in your everyday life.


Study after study has shown that getting moderate exercise in can drastically reduce stress levels. Exercise can be used to quickly metabolize the excessive stress hormones in your body and get you back to feeling normal. This doesn’t always have to be a full blown workout if feeling a little under pressure, or stressed just go for a quick brisk walk to get some fresh air.

Relaxation Techniques

There are many different techniques, for dealing with stress some use yoga, while others use breathing techniques. A quick trick to help with stress is to close your eyes, relax your neck, and shoulders and take three deep breaths. This can help refocus your mind, while also releasing tension built up in your neck and shoulders


Lastly a key stress management tool is rest. Lack of sleep can cause illness, and a host of other issues. Don’t be afraid to relax, rest doesn’t just mean sleep. Watch a favorite movie, take a bath, or just lay down for a bit. Rest is not only good for the body but also the mind. Sleep repairs both your body, and mind.

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