Why Resting Isn’t Always the Answer for Back Pain

April 10, 2019

2 min read

Often times when tweaking your back, or feeling discomfort you may often think ice, and laying down for awhile is what is best. However, while resting for a short period may help, long periods of rest can cause increased weakness in your back, causing further weakness, and pain in your back. According to a special health report from Harvard Medical School. Resting for prolonged periods doesn’t only affect your back negatively, but can also “lead to digestive issues such as constipation, and an increased risk of developing bloods clots in your pelvis, and legs.” Bed rest can also negatively effect your mental state, and put you at a higher risk for depression. So the question comes, when experiencing back pain what should you do instead?

The first thing is to evaluate what caused your back pain in the first place, was it a specific activity you were doing? Is your mattress not supportive? Or maybe the shoes you have aren’t supportive? Whatever it may be, see if you can make little changes that are causing the pain.

Another important thing to do is make sure you are stretching, not only does stretching increase flexibility, and blood flow, but it also increases strength. We have many different resources for at home stretches, to relieve back pain. Stretching in turn can condition your muscles for the future, when further strains may be put upon it. If none of these help then it may be time to see your local chiropractor. At the Center for Total Back Care, our experts can put together a specialized program, and treatment plan to get you back to feeling yourself. With a preventative approach The Center for Total Back Care not only will get to feeling back to normal, but will also focus on helping strengthen your back to prevent future pain. When trying to find a Chiropractor in Mesa, call us today!

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