Back and Neck Pain Relief Chandler Arizona


Back and Neck Pain Relief Chandler, Arizona

If you have been suffering from acute to chronic back or neck pain, don’t wait another second before you begin treatment. You only have one spine, take care of it while you still can. Contact the best back and neck pain relief center in Chandler, Arizona today!

About Chandler, Arizona

The city of Chandler is a prominent suburb of the Phoenix Arizona Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is a home of the satellite locations of major technology companies including Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Despite being a technological center, it still features beautiful Arizona resorts. Hence, it is no wonder why the city remains as a top vacation spot in Arizona. It boasts of various amenities such as world-class golf courses, great restaurants and fine shopping districts. Aside from being a good place to visit, Chandler is also an excellent location to reside in. This is because more than its accessible facilities, Chandler provides a foundation for comfortable lifestyle for both families and individuals.

The Center For Total Back Care Offers MedX For Back and Neck Pain Relief

What is MedX?

While there are so many other rehabilitation approaches to back and neck pain, the MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines are the only tools that can isolate the muscles of the spine, determine the source of pain or weakness, then customize the exercise, range of motion and resistance that strengthen this weakness. In short, the MedX machines accurately test the functional strength of the spine and also provide the best source of rehabilitative exercise.

How MedX Works?

When there is an injury in the back and neck, the body’s response is to stop using the injured muscles. Hence, these muscles weaken, remain inactive and completely atrophy. With the MedX Lumbar or Cervical Extension Machines, the injured muscles of the neck and back are isolated and targeted so that not only the bigger muscles of the body do all the work. As a result, there is an increase blood flow to the injured area, increase range of motion and decrease in pain. What was once an inflexible scar tissue then becomes a more functional scar because of the MedX Lumbar or Cervical Extension Machines.

Who Can Benefit?

The MedX Spinal Testing and Rehabilitation is indicated to:

  • People suffering from chronic neck or back pain
  • People with intermittent neck or back pain
  • People experiencing chronic headaches due to muscular weakness
  • People suffering from back or neck injury after a motor vehicle accident
  • People suffering from herniated, bulging or degenerative discs
  • People who have not responded to other traditional back and neck pain relief approaches

Learn more about the MedX Spinal Testing and Rehabilitation by contacting the Center for Total Back Care today. Don’t worry as we provide a free consultation. Just fill out our forms here: Contact Us or Book A Free Consultation


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