Back and Neck Pain Relief Gilbert Arizona


Back and Neck Pain Relief Gilbert, Arizona

What stops us from continuing with our daily living activities is pain. Pain, whether it is sharp, dull or shooting, is very bothersome that going on with tasks in front of us becomes impossible. When it comes to discomfort of the back and neck, you have to seek immediate attention before it worsens. Be totally free from discomfort with the help of the best Back and Neck Pain Relief in Gilbert, Arizona.

About Gilbert, Arizona

Known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World”, Gilbert is the most populous incorporated town in the United States. It is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona just located within the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Once an agriculture-based community, Gilbert is now a completely transformed suburban center thriving in business and leisure activities. Owing to its recent developments, Gilbert has been ranked by CNN/Money Magazine as the Best Place to Live in the United States. The community is surrounded by numerous shopping markets, dining areas and different activity centers. It also hosts a variety of community events all year round.

VAX-D & MedX Back and Neck Pain Relief In Gilbert Arizona

Based on the recent research study conducted by the Harvard Medical School on 170 people in their 60’s diagnosed with lumbar stenosis, non-surgical interventions should be considered as the initial option to surgery. Only when such approaches don’t give positive results must surgical options be pursued.

When it comes to comprehensive non-surgical approaches to spinal pain, The Center for Total Back Care stands out in Gilbert, Arizona. We pride in our well-researched approaches to Back and Neck Pain Relief in Gilbert, Arizona. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals provides treatment and rehabilitation protocols where many other clinics and providers in Maricopa County fail.

Our premier non-surgical back and neck pain relief approaches include:

  1. VAX-D

VAX-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression. This treatment is achieved by a series of spinal decompression and relaxation. It works by alternately stretching and relaxing the patient’s lower spine thereby relieving the pressure on the spinal discs and vertebral bones of the back which often causes the pain.

A single session of VAX-D typically lasts 45 minutes. During the session, the patient lies face down on a split table. A pelvic harness is wrapped around the hips while the patient’s arm extends forward as his hands grasps two patient-operated handgrips. VAX-D starts with the table separating in two, producing a stretch in the patient’s back. If the patient finds the pain unbearable, he can easily release the handgrips. This treatment approach is recommended for people suffering from herniated or degenerated discs, resulting in low back pain or sciatica.

  1. MedX

The Center for Total Back Care also offers another top of the line approach for back and neck pain called the MedX. MedX is a machine that isolates, safely tests and directly strengthens the muscles of the lower back and neck. The MedX equipment isolates certain muscles during the therapy and specifically strengthens it. For instance, the lumbar MedX equipment isolates the lumbar extensors while the cervical MedX equipment isolates the cervical extensors. The strength of these muscles is then tested and based on the results they are specifically rehabilitated. Hence, you will achieve muscle strength and be able to move your muscles properly again free from any discomfort.

All of our therapy programs are monitored by qualified professionals to ensure your safety during each session. Aside from the two back and neck pain relief approaches above, the Center for Total Back Care also provides other services.

Stop enduring that back and neck pain. Get assessed right away by booking a free consultation now. Simply fill out our forms here: Contact Us or Book A Free Consultation.



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