Lower Back Pain Treatment Mesa


Lower back pain is a physical ailment that is as common as the common cold; virtually everyone experiences lower back pain at some point during their lives. Starting just below the ribcage, the lumbar region of the body undergoes a tremendous amount of stress. The result is the development of lower back pain symptoms that range from mild to severe back pain. Now for the good news: Lower back pain often can be alleviated over the course of time, with a focus on non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation.

Lower Back Pain

Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain

It is important for our patients to note the difference between acute pain and chronic pain, regardless if it is left lower back pain or right lower back pain. Acute means the pain lasts up to six weeks, while chronic pain can linger for more than three months. Severe lower back pain that lasts more than three months triggers symptoms such as intense pain, constant muscle aches, and pain that quickly gets worse because of bending, lifting, and/or walking motions.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Lifting heavy objects repeatedly, without using the right technique, can lead to a muscle and/or a ligament strain that causes lower back pain. A bulging disk can apply pressure on the sensitive nerves that run up and down the spinal column, while degenerative disease can cause loss of function in the back. In addition, the simple passing of time can cause pain to the lower back because of arthritis and osteoporosis. Woman are especially susceptible to low back pain.

Causes of Back Pain in Females

Lower back pain is a common ailment experienced by women during pregnancy. A combination of weight gain, a shift in the center of gravity, and the diminished strength of ligaments all contribute to lower back pain. Typically, women begin to experience at least a mild form of lower back pain between the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy, although the pain can start as early as the third month. Aging is another contributing factor for women to develop pain in the lower back.

Diagnosing Lumbar Pain

Lumbar pain can generally be diagnosed by a thorough physical examination. Doctors do not use blood tests to diagnose the cause of lower back pain, but the result of a blood test can confirm areas of infection, arthritis, or inflammation. Discography, which is the injection of dye into the spinal disc, can help detect a bulging disc. Electrodiagnostic tests like an EMG and an NCS record electronic signals that run through the nerves located in the lower back. Imaging tests such as x-rays and a CT confirm broken bones and/or strain ligaments.


Lower back pain can limit your ability to work full-time, as well as inhibit the normal movements that you perform on a daily basis. The best cure for lower back pain is to prevent the development of it.

Here are a few tips to prevent lower back pain:

  • Maintain proper posture while sitting
  • Keep muscles and ligaments active by exercising
  • Avoid prolonged stints of sitting
  • Adhere to a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Lift objects using the correct technique
  • if you notice pain that does not go away within a day or so, seek treatment from a
    musculoskeletal specialist

Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain Relief in Mesa

Operated by a chiropractor and a physical therapy doctor. The Center for Total Back Care is committed to non-invasive surgical remedies for lower back pain helping our patients enjoy quicker recovery times, without enduring the pain that accompanies many back rehabilitation regimens. Our non-surgical equipment reaches deep within the lumbar area of the back to strengthen deep muscle tissues gently. Our non-surgical approach to mitigating the painful symptoms of lower back pain include VAX-D a highly successful non-surgical treatment for herniated or bulging discs. We also offer MEDX, rehabilitation which has been shown effective in the treatment of back pain associated with muscle weakness. In addition we also offer Functional Neurology, physical therapy, massage, dry needling, post surgical rehabilitation, and acute pain management.  If you are struggling with low back pain, or discomfort come in for a free consultation today.