Medx Rehabilitation For Acute And Chronic Neck Pain

The Center For Total Back Care is a multi-disciplinary practice utilizing MedX specific testing and rehabilitation equipment. With it, we can precisely measure strength, range of motion and endurance in the cervical spine to help uncover the source of your neck pain. We are then able to design a customized treatment and rehabilitation program utilizing this same equipment to isolate and strengthen injured muscles in the neck. This a major source of neck pain and dysfunction and if not treated can lead to more serious problems such as herniated or bulging discs and sciatica. The core of our neck rehabilitation program is the MedX cervical medical spinal testing and rehabilitation machines. These are the only machines available today that will effectively isolate the deep muscles of the cervical spine. Weakness in the cervical spine muscles has been associated with chronic neck pain and susceptibility to future neck injuries. There are many devices and exercises which claim to strengthen the spine, but they have been disproved with scientific testing.

We are able to test each individuals’ neck strength and compare them to age-matched norms (other men or women their age and weight). For example if you are a 50 year old, 145 pound, female we can show you how you compare to other women who are 50 years old and weigh 145 pounds. This shows us how strong your neck would if it was healthy.

This allows us to effectively document muscle weakness and gives us baseline measurements allowing us to more effectively predict a positive outcome as well as follow your progress as we increase strength to normal levels.

MedX Neck Pain Treatment

A progressive strengthening program is then developed to isolate and strengthen the weakened area.

Because we can isolate the source of the neck pain and rehabilitate it specifically we are able to see a significant improvement and patients report less pain and more mobility within the first few weeks oftentimes within the first few treatments. Even patients who have suffered from neck pain for years note significant improvement rather quickly.

Our approach is very powerful and we have thousands of satisfied patients to prove it. Many of our successful patients had tried other treatments including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, epidurals and medication prior to treating at our office without achieving the results they had hoped for, but after receiving care from The Center For Total Back Care they are able to resume a pain free lifestyle. Many returning to activities they haven’t done for years and never thought they would be able to perform again.