Top Low Back Stretches: Prone Press Up Stretch

Top Low Back Stretches: Prone Press Up Stretch

The prone press up stretch focuses primarily on the spine itself.  Often when people sit with poor posture the back becomes rounded increasing spinal pressure and putting pressure on the disc.  If you have a bulge or herniation in this disc it can increase pressure on the nerves resulting in back and lower extremity pain.  By performing the prone press up stretch you counteract this spinal position.  People that have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis, should consult with a medical provider before performing these exercises.

Prone Press Up Stretch

Prone Press Up-Begin stretch by laying face down on a flat surface

-Place hands/elbows on surface at shoulder height with elbows away from body

-Slowly raise your shoulders by pressing your hands/elbows into the surface.  Make sure to keep your hips and legs on the surface.

-Raise to a height that is comfortable

Elbow Prone Press Up      -Hold for 10 seconds and perform 10 times

When should I perform the prone press up stretch?

Perform this stretch when you have been in forward posture for long periods of time.  This includes sitting, working bent over, or exercising in a bent over position.

When should you not perform the prone press up stretch?

People with existing spinal conditions such as a fusion, stenosis, or spondylolisthesis should consult with their doctor before performing this stretch.  Also if you experience increased pain while performing or prolonged pain after stretch.