How a back injury can redefine your life

September 12, 2014

1 min read

Just Google “Back Injury” in the news and you will see a long list of athletes that are dealing with back pain. Often these types of injuries redefine the athletes career as pre and post-back injury. One of the most notable examples is Tiger Woods. While Tiger has been plagued with knee injuries over the years, he was still able to win multiple tournaments and majors while dealing with some considerable knee issues. But this past year Tiger has been dealing with back issues that have contributed to him posting some of his worst scores as a professional and at times has literally brought him to his knees. Will his career be defined as pre and post-back injury? That is still to be seen.

A majority of people will deal with back pain of some kind in their lifetime. Back pain is often a result of overexertion, repetitive motion, or slip/fall, but often you can limit the impact of these types of injuries by addressing them immediately with the right kind of treatment. Tiger Woods is known to try to push through his injuries to achieve his goals, but he recently began heading his medical professionals to take his back injury seriously. Make sure you do too, listen to your body and seek professionals that specialize in treating back pain. How are you going to let your back injury define you?

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