Finding Back Pain Relief While Working from Home

February 15, 2021

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 almost a year ago we have seen a record number of individuals working from home in various industries. Directly correlated with this large new number of workers at home there has been a drastic rise in back and neck pain. In fact, a survey done in the UK found that out of individuals who are working from home, 50% were experiencing back pain.

Some have wondered how a desk job at a workplace replaced by a desk job at home can increase pain to such a degree. The number 1 reason for this is because while offices typically are set up and accommodated for working a full workday a home is not. This is why more than ever a good set up for working is crucial in today’s world. This blog post will explore not only how you can prevent further back pain from working at home during the pandemic but stretches that can help you find back pain relief.

Moving Every Hour

Just the simple step of standing and doing a quick walk outside or around your room can greatly help reduce back pain. Take any opportunity you may have to move, for example if you are taking a call you could just pace around your workspace. It doesn’t have to be about exercise but try to just just relax, change your position, and ease your muscle strain.

Improve the Ergonomics of your workspace

Earlier in the year Dr. Raz made a video showing how improving the ergonomics of your workspace can greatly reduce the occurrence of neck or back pain. A few of the tips to improve your ergonomics include having a lumbar support for your office chair, correct seating position, and having your computer at eye level so you aren’t straining your neck but rather looking straight ahead. Just applying a few of these ergonomic tips can greatly reduce your chance of developing back pain.

Office Stretches to Help with Back Pain Relief


Slowly draw your head back so that your ears line up with your shoulders


Begin by retracting your head back into a chin tuck position. Next, move your head towards one side with the help of your hand for light over pressure. Perform one time each side


– Extend elbow out straight – Turn palm down toward floor – Using your opposite hand, stretch your hand downward


Holding your wrist like in picture, with elbow completely strait, provide a strong but comfortable stretch.


Place hands on hips with fingers pointed down. Squeeze you elbows and shoulder blades together

So now you have more tools at your disposal to prevent getting back pain while working from home. Remember to take breaks often and to try some of these different stretches.

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