Managing Back Pain during Pregnancy

February 26, 2016

2 min read

One of the most common complaints of women during pregnancy is back pain. Back pain during pregnancy is almost a forgone conclusion, considering all the changes that are going on in the body to prepare for birth. First you have a new life growing in your body which will throw off your body’s center of mass encouraging poor posture. Next the ligaments in the pelvis begin to loosen to prepare for the birth, this further challenges balance and posture.

Here are a couple of tips to help address back pain during pregnancy:

  1. If working at a computer all day, make sure to have it set up to encourage proper posture. Many businesses work with ergonomists to help their employees.
  2. Try sleeping on the left side. This increases blood circulation from mother to child and will alleviate back pain. Stick pillow under belly and between knees as needed to relieve back stress.
  3. Wear proper shoes. It’s time to put the heels away and wear more comfortable, posture supportive, shoes.
  4. Avoid bending at waist to pick things up. Many pregnant women in the later trimesters have to squat to pick things up anyways. Continue to keep the legs strong by exercising such as walks and performing air squats (place hands on supportive surface for balance. Proper lifting mechanics can reduce the risk of injury to back, especially during pregnancy.

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