Overlooked Causes for Back Pain

April 21, 2017

1 min read

When we think of back pain, we often think it is caused by lifting something heavy, falling, or getting in some sort of accident. We often overlook causes for back pain that are less obvious. Here are a few less obvious causes for back pain:

  • Sitting to long – Sitting shortens your hip muscles that attach to your low back and can cause significant back pain when tight.
  • Carrying bags on one shoulder – Placing the weight of a backpack, purse, or carry bag on one shoulder can lead to putting excessive stress on the back and spine, leading to back pain
  • Smoking – Research has shown that people that smoke, have a higher risk of experiencing back pain.
  • Excessive phone or tablet use – The posture when using a phone or tablet encourages forward head posture which increase the risk of neck and back pain.

Being aware of some of the most overlooked causes of back pain can help you avoid unnecessary back pain.

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