How to treat back pain

July 07, 2017

1 min read

A recent article published on Harvard Health Publications cites how the approach to treat back pain has changed since the 1980’s. Up until the 1980’s bed rest was the most prevelant way to treat back pain. By the early 1990’s, use of anti-inflammatory medication and light activity where commonly prescribed. Recent studies now state that use of any medication in the initial treatment of back pain is ineffective and possibly harmful. The new way doctors are prescribing treatment is to try, massage, heat, accupuncture, and spinal manipulation for treating acute back pain. For chronic back pain the recommendation is to prescribe physical therapy, accupuncture, and stress reduction programs.

The new approach to treating back pain is not using any new techniques, but by limiting, if not eliminating the prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories is definitely a big change for many physicians. Learn more: Here’s something completely different for low back pain.

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