Exercise Tips To Reduce Stress Related Back and Neck Pain 


For years back pain has easily been attributed to external causes such as an injury while playing sports, an unsupportive mattress, or just a lousy work chair. Not until recently has medical science started to correlate the impact and link of mental and physical wellness. It has been found that not only does stress aggravate [...]

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First Aid for Low Back Pain


You may know someone whose back has “gone out.” It may even have happened to you. When you suddenly have pain in your lower back, this is called an acute episode and the pain can be extreme, and it can be scary. The pain may make it hard for you to follow your regular routine. [...]

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Free Back Fitness Assessment


  Do you have back pain or feel back fatigue at the end of the day; or have you ever wondered how your back strength compares to other people your age and weight? We are offering Free Back Fitness Assessments on October 16th that can help you find out what might be causing your pain and discomfort and [...]

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling By Airplane


Air travel is tough on the body, especially for those who are already experiencing aching joints and sore muscles. Sitting in a cramped plane for hours or even hoisting a suitcase from baggage claim can cause an injury to flare up and worsen. Here are some recommendations from your physical therapist for steps you can take to [...]

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Fighting Neck and Back Pain with Good Food Choices


Making sure you are eating a well-balanced diet including eating anti-inflammatory foods can not only help to prevent diseases such as arthritis, but can help with chronic neck pain, and back pain. Studies have shown that foods that increase inflammation can cause extensive back pain, neck pain and damage to your health. How can a [...]

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Here are the Top Tips to Prevent Pain if you Find Yourself Standing All Day


We have been hearing a lot lately about how sitting is the new smoking. However, just because standing more is healthy too much can be a bad thing. Standing for too long can come with many different negative affects when proper precautions aren’t taken. In a recent study done researchers found that standing five hours [...]

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Chiropractic Treatment for Epilepsy


In the United States in 2015, approximately 3 million U.S. adults and 470,000 children had active epilepsy. So what is the link between Chiropractic care and how it can help those with epilepsy? What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by frequent seizures, loss of consciousness and more. Seizures occur due to the [...]

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Low Impact Exercises for a Healthy Life


It seems like almost everyday we are told to exercise more, fad workouts gain popularity, some even promise you never have to exercise again if you follow a specific tip. But the truth is that exercise can greatly extend your quality of life, length of life, as well as hosting numerous benefits such as decreased [...]

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Stress Management for Neck Pain Relief


At the Center for Total Back Care we take a complete approach to overall wellness of the body. While other clinics may focus on just symptoms we focus on relieving symptoms, by finding the root cause and then by putting in place preventative measures to avoid future pain, or discomfort. Accordingly a main cause of [...]

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