Living Tobacco-Free: Studies Show Back Pain Linked To Smoking


When it comes to smoking severe health complications always follow. In a study published in the National Institute of Health the correlation between smoking and low back pain was explored. With a relatively large survey group this study examined data of 34,000 adults who were current smokers, former smokers, and never smokers. The findings concluded [...]

Living Tobacco-Free: Studies Show Back Pain Linked To Smoking2020-06-30T12:52:13-07:00

Understanding Chronic Neck Pain


Chronic neck pain is pain or discomfort in any part of the neck that lasts for 3 months or more. It can involve your muscles, nerves, vertebrae (bones of your spine), or disks in your spine. And it can vary from person to person. Some neck pain is due to weak or overused muscles. This [...]

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Best Stretches for Working at Home


Many people are working from home and experiencing an increase in neck and back pain discomfort. The transition from working 8 hour workdays in a properly set up work office environment, to a home workspace that wasn't originally set up to support a good posture.  It is important that you set up your computer workstation [...]

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Top Hip Flexor Stretches for Tightness and Injury Prevention


Hip flexors are a group of muscles at the top of your thigh that connect your leg and trunk together. They are crucial in allowing you to be able to bring your knee up towards your torso as well as being able to bend over at the hip. Just like any muscle the hip flexor [...]

Top Hip Flexor Stretches for Tightness and Injury Prevention2020-05-08T10:31:34-07:00

How to set up your computer home office


With people working from home with the "Stay at Home" order, we are hearing more about pain and discomfort to the neck and back.  This is often related to the static computer postures in the home.  Dr. Raz goes over the basics of how you can setup your computer workstation at home. Click this link [...]

How to set up your computer home office2020-05-01T15:06:24-07:00

7 Ways You Can Increase Circulation While in Quarantine


It is important to remember even during this period of coronavirus quarantine and isolation you can continue taking care of yourself and maintain daily normalcy. Spending so much time at home can make us all a little stir crazy and reduction in regular movement can lead to decreased blood circulation. Blood circulation is crucial for [...]

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We stay open with “Stay at Home” Order announcement


Today, Governor Ducey announced a "Stay at Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected" order.  We are listed as an "Essential Service" and are required to remain open and offering our services to our patients and the community.  We have implemented strict sanitizing policies to conform with CDC guidelines to provide a safe environment outside your home.  [...]

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Improving Posture for a Healthier Back


Practicing good posture makes good sense for everyone. But it’s especially important if you have chronic neck or back pain. The muscles and ligaments in your neck and back have to work harder when you slouch or have other poor posture habits. This extra strain causes muscle fatigue and triggers pain. As a result, poor [...]

Improving Posture for a Healthier Back2020-02-24T14:05:38-07:00

6 Changes You Can Make To Live Well With High Blood Pressure


  High blood pressure has been linked to causing headaches and chronic pain in the body which can be a contributing factor to low back pain. Even when you have a chronic condition, like high blood pressure, there are many things you can do to live a healthy, satisfying life. Making small changes to your [...]

6 Changes You Can Make To Live Well With High Blood Pressure2020-01-22T02:14:45-07:00

Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention


Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones weak. It happens when your bones don’t have enough calcium and other minerals, and it can lead to fractures and pain. Most often it occurs in older people. The good news is that you can take steps now to help keep your bones strong when you’re young [...]

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